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Proposed areas of Research


HBO for acute CVA (stroke).

HBO for chronic neurologic impairment post CVA.


HBO in acute neurosensory hearing loss

HBO used prophylactically for people receiving

head & neck radiotherapy.

HBO for xerostomia (dry mouth)

after head and neck radiotherapy


HBO for morbidity reduction in non drug-eluting stents

HBO for the  patient who has had a bypass
HBO for treatment of coronary atherosclerosis

HBO as an alternative to surgery for avscular necrosis.

Does HBO expedite fracture healing?


HBO use in pseudo-intestinal obstruction in children

HBO in Crohn's disease

HBO used in pneumotosis cystoids intestinalis

Problem (non-diabetic) Wound Care

Use of HBO in non-diabetic problem wounds.
HBO for interstitial cystitis
HBO for radiation cysititis

Is Nitrogen narcosis in children an issue for young divers?

Areas of Specialty
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