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Grant Proposal Guidelines

There is no application form for these research grants, however, applicants are asked to adhere to these instructions when preparing their applications for funding. As a minimum, applications must provided information listed below as follows:
Abstract - sections 1 to 3 inclusive and 11;
Proposal - all sections 1 to 11 inclusive except for 2(c) and 3(c).

Applications are to be prepared using Arial with font size 12.
  1. Cover Page
    1. Project title
    2. Investigators - Title, First name, Surname, Qualifications
    3. Institutional affiliations of investigators
    4. Institution at which the project will be conducted
    5. Details of Deductible Gift Recipient status
    6. Contact details for the Principal Investigator - including postal address, telephone, Fax and email address

  2. Hypothesis and Aims
    1. Outline the hypothesis to be tested in the project
    2. List the specific aims of this project
    3. Abstracts only - outline the Research Plan

  3. Outcomes and significance
    1. List the outcomes expected from the project
    2. Outline the potential significance of this project
    3. Abstracts only - provide indicative cost

  4. Background
    1. Give an introduction to the relevant scientific data and literature related to the project
    2. Outline the data that have led to the hypothesis that is to be tested in this project
    3. All published data that are referred to should be referenced by number, and should be included in the References section.

  5. Research Plan
    1. Provide a detailed description of the project
    2. Describe the experimental design
    3. Describe groups or populations to be studied
    4. Outline primary and secondary endpoints to be assessed
    5. Describe the methods and/or tools that will be used for the observation, measurement, data gathering or fieldwork procedures
    6. Outline the sample size and power calculations used to determine the sample size
    7. Outline the statistical tests that will be employed to analyse the data
    8. A maximum of 6 pages are to be used for the Background and Research Plan combined

  6. Ethical considerations
    1. Outline the ethical considerations of this project
    2. If the project involves human subjects or animals, indicate whether approval has been obtained from an appropriate Ethics Committee.

  7. References
    1. List the references that have been referred to in the Background and Research Plan
    2. A maximum of one page is to be used for the References.

  8. Budget
    1. Indicate the total budget that is sought for this project.
    2. Indicate the amounts that are sought for salaries and amounts that are sought for direct research costs
    3. Provide justification for each aspect of requested funding
    4. Indicate whether other support is held for this project, indicating the amount, the funding body and what the funding is supporting

  9. Track Record
    1. Indicate current research grants that are held by each investigator, and grants that have been held over the last 6 years
    2. Indicate the project titles, Investigators, Funding Bodies and amounts of funding for each year of the projects

  10. Publications
    1. List the publications of each Investigator over the last 6 years
    2. List only articles that have been published in refereed journals, or articles that have been accepted for publication and that are awaiting publication

  11. Certifications
    1. Certification by Investigators - all Investigators must sign the application and must certify that all information provided in the application is correct at the time of submission and that they agree to the conditions that govern AH+DMRT grants.
    2. Certification by Head of Department - where appropriate, the head of the Department where the research is to be carried out must sign the application and must certify agreement to provide facilities to conduct the project.

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